Healthcare services for women and children          Services are provided based on income


241 Atwood Street, Suite 100      Corydon, Indiana  47112     Phone (812) 738-1600, Option 2     Fax (812) 738-6473

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Vital Records


Environmental Health

Food Protection



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To help more pregnant women and new moms get information about caring for their health and giving their babies the best possible start in life, the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) launched text4baby, the first free health text messaging service in the U.S.


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We are an official site for the Cribs for Kids program


This program is brought to you by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and the Department of Child Safety (DCS).


Cribs for Kids provides safe sleeping environments for babies up to 1 year of age.


If you need a safe sleeping environment for your baby or know someone who does, call us at 812-738-3237, option 2.


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Services are listed below.

Jennifer Caffrey, MCH Director, has been with the office since March, 2010.  She can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1021.  Mandy Rhoades, Spanish interpreter / translator.  She can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1097.  

Hope Crail, Administrative Assistant since February, 2011.  She can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1016.  

Rosa Warren, nurse practitioner since May, 1995.  Rosa can be reached by dialing 812-738-3237, option 2.  
Jessica Brown, RN, full-time health nurse since January, 1998.    She can be reached at 812-738-3237, extension 1022.    Dr. Joseph Sauer, physician with the MCH clinic since September, 2010.






Prenatal Services -- At the MCH Clinic we offer prenatal care, vitamins, exams, and counseling in the area of pregnancy.






Pregnancy-approved medications

Condition Pregnancy-approved medications
Insomnia Unisom
Constipation Fiber Supplements - Metamucil - Fiber One Cereal
  Stool Softeners - Colace or Surfak
  Suppositories - Glycerin or Dulcolax
Cough Plain Robitussin or Plain Mucinex
Headache or Pain Tylenol or Tylenol Extra-Strength
Diarrhea Imodium AD
Heartburn Tums, Mylanta, Pepsid-AC or Prilosec OTC
Hemorrhoids Preparation H (with cortisone), Anusol, Tucks Pads
Nausea Ginger, Lemon



Family Planning promotes responsible behavior, the well-being of families, and healthy babies.  Family planning reduces the need for abortions.  It also allows the timing of pregnancies when couples are best able to care for new children.  Services are confidential and include:


Medical Services

  • Physical exams

  • Cervical cancer screening

  • Breast cancer screening

  • STD testing and treatment

  • Hypertension screening

  • Anemia screening

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Contraception

    • Condoms are free and available every day we are open

    • Birth control pill prescriptions are available

    • Depo-Provera injections cost $40 and are good for 3 months

    • IUD information is available

  • Fecal occult blood testing

  • Lipid panel blood testing

Education and Counseling

  • Reproductive and preventative health

  • Breast self-examination

  • Contraceptive methods

  • STD / HIV risks

  • Cardiovascular risks

  • Smoking cessation tips

  • Preventive health care


STD Testing

STD Testing Hours

HIV testing - FREE     

HCV testing (hepatitis C) - FREE

GC/CT testing (gonorrhea/chlamydia) - $20.00


Monday & Wednesday -- 8 AM to 4 PM by appointment (call 812-738-3237, Option 2)

Tuesday -- 8 AM to 7 PM by appointment

Thursday -- 8 AM to 3 PM by appointment

Thursday Walk-In Clinic -- 3 PM to 7 PM

Closed Fridays

Pregnancy Testing Free to the public.  Walk-ins are welcome or you can set up an appointment by calling our office at 812-738-3237, Option 2.

About the project...

The Harrison County Maternal and Child Health Project (MCH) has been serving Harrison County and neighboring communities for many years.  The Project provides family-related health services and little or no cost to a family based on their income.


MCH provides a wide range of services to its clients to assist them with their family's health care needs.  These services include annual exams, prenatal exams, birth control methods, screenings, and much more.  


Call us at 812-738-3237 and set up a free and confidential appointment to discuss your family's health care needs. 


This project is supported in part by Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant funds administered through the Indiana State Department of Health.