241 Atwood Street, Suite 200      Corydon, Indiana  47112     Phone  (812) 738-3237     Fax  (812) 738-4292     Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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  • NOTE! Rule 410 IAC 7-22 requires passing the proctored Food Manager Certification exam. The on-line exam does not meet Indiana requirements.
  • YOU MUST CONTACT THE COMPANY (in the left-hand column below) ABOUT SIGNING UP FOR THE CLASSES.    


Hoosier Hospitality Consulting, LLC

Don & Erin Vita




Offering ServSafe Food Manager's certificate



  • JANUARY 7, 2019 

  • APRIL 18, 2019

  • JULY 9, 2019

  • OCTOBER 30, 2019


For your convenience, these one-day (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) classes will be held in the conference room on level B1 of the Harrison County Health Department.  

  • 241 Atwood Street, Level B1, Corydon, Indiana (map - scroll down to the 3rd map, an aerial photo)  

Class fee is $89 and pre-enrollment is required.  ServSafe Manager 7th Edition textbook (with exam form inside) is required and can be purchased for $75 + tax.  Books are shipped to the participants in advance of the class at no additional charge.  

You can also take the exam only (no class) for $65.


Sign in: 7:45 to 8:00 am. Class time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with exam immediately after.


Visit the website or call the number shown at the left for more information or to sign up for a class.


Harrison County Purdue Extension Educator

Annette Lawler, MS, CFCS

812-738-4236, extension 1056



Offering ServSafe Food Manager's certificate



  • February 6, 2019

  • April 3, 2019

  • May 29, 2019

  • July 10, 2019

  • August 21, 2019

  • September 26, 2019

  • October 15, 2019

  • November 19, 2019

  • December 17, 2019

Register with Cvent online at http://cvent.com/d/r6qlcc

Harrison County Purdue Extension Office

247 Atwood Street, Corydon, Indiana (map - scroll down to the 3rd map, an aerial photo)


Sign in: 8:00 to 8:30 am.  Class time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with exam at approximately 3:30 pm.


Call for more information.


Safe Food Handlers Corporation



Click the link for class dates, times, and locations.


Offering NRFSP certification

Classes and exams are offered every month in Clarksville, Indiana, (at the Holiday Inn Lakeview, 505 Marriott Drive, next to Derby Dinner Playhouse [click here for a map]) and other places throughout the state.  


Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association



On the website, click Education and Training, then ServSafe, then Upcoming ServSafe Classes for class dates, times and locations.


Offering ServSafe Food Manager's certificate

An online course is available for your convenience.

The exam CAN NOT be taken at home with the Online Course.

The exam must be given by an instructor.  See Harrison County Purdue Extension Office information above about taking the exam in Corydon.  


IMPORTANT!  Indiana law (410 IAC 7-22) requires certification of at least one food handler per establishment from any one of these five nationally accredited, ANSI-CFP approved organizations: 

  • It is NOT a requirement that you take the CLASS, but the PROCTORED EXAM must be passed
  • Proper certification (Food Manager Certification) is good for 5 years and is accepted anywhere in Indiana.  Passing an online exam is NOT proper certification.  You must pass a proctored exam taken on-site with a person who oversees the exam.   
  • The exam providers shown on this page offer the training and exams nearby.  Other exam providers can be found here.
  • Any of the companies listed above should be able to offer the exam in a number of different languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Arabic, and Vietnamese.