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START HERE for information you need to know:

Fee Schedule

     Current Indiana Food Code (Title 410 IAC 7-24)  

     Food Safety Certification Classes

            Food Handler Certification Rule + FAQ

            Food Handler Certification Exemptions

     Indiana State Dept. of Health (ISDH) - Food Protection home page

            How to start a food business - Info from the ISDH

            IMPORTANT!  New food business - plan submission REQUIRED!  Also for remodeled food businesses and/or new owners

     So you want to open a food service establishment? - brochure

     So you want to open a coffee shop? - brochure   

     Can I use my home kitchen for a food business? - brochure  

     Requirements for caterers - brochure  

     Variance requests and notices

      Law Prohibiting Smoking Went into Effect July 1, 2012

          Non-smoking signs from the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (scroll down to the heading "Tobacco Retailer and Smoke Free Air Signs"; see signage links below that)
          Order non-smoking window clings and posters from Breathe Easy Indiana

Harrison County Local Food Ordinances:

     Civil Penalties (fines)  

     Placards (posted grades)  



Temporary and Mobile Food Establishments... look here:

      Temporary food vendor application (1 page) - IMPORTANT!   

      12 page packet for temporary food vendors, including application - IMPORTANT! 

        NEW and IMPORTANT! - Requirements for Temporary Food Booths (brochure)  ALL TEMPORARY FOOD BOOTHS MUST FOLLOW THESE REQUIREMENTS!

      Food safety at temporary events (fairs, festivals, etc.) - brochure

      Food Safety for Volunteers and Non-Profit Groups - brochure  

      Temporary vs. Mobile vs. Retail Food Establishments...What's the Difference?  brochure   NEW!

      Basic Requirements to Operate a Mobile Food Establishment (food truck, pushcart) - brochure  

      Hot dog cart / mobile grill requirements - brochure

      Considering a hot dog cart/pushcart/mobile unit?  Questions to consider first! 

     Equipment Requirements for Mobile Units (sinks, plumbing, ventilation, overhead cover, etc.)    NEW and IMPORTANT!

      Commissary Requirements   NEW and IMPORTANT!

      Commissary Agreement  

      IMPORTANT!  Handwashing / dishwashing info sheet if no running water at temporary event  

     IMPORTANT!  Regarding floor, walls, roof in temporary food booths

      NEW!  Food safety at fairs and festivals.  Information from the CDC

Farmer's Market Vendors... look here:

       Home Based Vendor Rule 

       pH of fruits that are acceptable for jam/jelly made by home based vendors (HBVs)  

       Indiana State Egg Board - information and applications for egg sellers 

       On-Farm Poultry or Rabbit Processing (with information about eggs) - Brochure    NEW!

       Slaughter of Livestock and Poultry for Food

       Food Safety at Farmer's Markets - brochure  

       For Home Based Vendors (HBVs) - brochure  

       May I Produce, Can and Sell my Super-Delicious (fill in the blank) at a Farmer's Market? - brochure    NEW!

       Can I sell it at a farmer's market?  NEW!

       Guidance for honey producers  

       Guidance for maple syrup producers

       Guidance for selling pet food and treats in Indiana            Licensing application for selling pet food/treats in Indiana

       Labeling Homemade Soaps and Lotions for sale - brochure    NEW!

Other Helpful Information:

       Safe cooking temperatures

       When it comes to convenience food, remember to cook it safe!  

       Food safety & power outages  

       Can you re-freeze food that has thawed? - brochure    NEW!

       Summer Food Safety - brochure    NEW!

       You think it might be food poisoning?

       Recalls / advisories from the ISDH (IN State Dept of Health)

       Recalls from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

       Recalls from the USDA (US Department of Agriculture)

       Handwashing poster #1 (yellow)  

       Handwashing poster #2 (blue)  

       It's not illegal for a store to sell food that's past its expiration date?!

         NEW!  Information about service animals, restaurants, and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)  

Tracy Monroe has been at the health department since 1998 and is in charge of Food Protection.  She regularly inspects all permanent food service establishments in the county as well as temporary food booths at the fair and local festivals.  Current and previous inspections are available for viewing at the Health Department any time during regular business hours. 


Should you have a concern or complaint about any food service establishment, call her at 812-738-3237, extension 1013 or...

E-mail Tracy



Christa Manus is the newest addition to the Food Protection division, coming on board in September, 2018.  She she training to become the Chief Foods Specialist. 


You can contact Christa at 812-738-3237, extension 1012 or...

E-mail Christa