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Danny Schroeder or Tracy Monroe currently inspect all residential septic system sites in the county prior to construction and after installation.  They try to help make sure your septic system will perform properly and have a long life.  

Reach them by dialing 812-738-3237.  Danny is at extension 1018, Tracy is at extension 1013.   


If you are dealing with a commercial site, State approval must be granted before proceeding See "For Commercial Properties" at left.

Brochure - How to Obtain a Septic Permit 
"Perk Tests" - Soil Scientists who come to Harrison County
Certified Septic System Installers for Harrison County
Septic Permit Application for Homeowners and Installers - 2 pages 
Driveway permit application (Harrison County Highway Department)

Building permit application, Harrison County Plan Commission - 812-738-8927 - 245 Atwood Street, 2nd floor

Upgrading or repairing your existing septic system  
Existing septic system - new home 
How to Get on the Septic Installer's List
For Commercial Properties
Septic System Layout Information
Construction Guidelines for Gravity and Flood Dose Septic Systems 
You don't want to install your own, do you?!!?

THE LAW - Indiana Septic Code    

     This is the newest rule that went into effect May 9, 2014

HCHD Septic Exam (2020) 
NEW!  SepticSmart - Learn the Ins and Outs of Maintaining Your Septic System
NEW!  Brochure - Inspecting your septic tank to see if it needs to be pumped
NEW!  Brochure - Keeping your septic system working like new
Septic system maintenance
NEW!  Good video about septic system maintenance - "It's All Connected"  (We aren't advertising for the Michigan company that made the video.  We are simply sharing the information.)
NEW!  Septic 101 (excellent information!) - How septic systems work and how to maintain yours
More septic system maintenance information

Purdue free septic system publications, including:

  • Landscaping Over Septic Systems With Native Plants

  • Wastewater Biological Oxygen Demand in Septic Systems (plus information on biomats)

  • Septic System Additives

  • Seasonal High Water Tables and Septic Systems

  • Obtaining a Septic Permit

  • Septic Systems in Flooded and Wet Soil Conditions

  • Gravel and Gravel-less Trench Soil Absorption Fields

  • Indiana Soils and Septic Systems

  • Grandfathered Septic Systems: Location and Replacement/Repair

  • Septic Tanks: The Primary Treatment Device of your Septic System

  • Septic System Distribution Boxes: The Importance of Equal Distribution in Trenches

  • Turfgrass Color: Indicator of Septic System Performance

  • Increasing the Longevity of your Septic System

  • Septic System Failure

NEW!  Comic Book (from Montana's government website) - Underground Comics; Septic and Well Care for Clean Water
Do you know your septic system can affect someone's drinking water?  Visit these sites to learn what you can do:
     The Nature Conservancy
     Harrison County Regional Sewer District