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Minimum Safe Cooking Temperatures


USDA "Thermy" Postcard of Safe Cooking Temps (PDF)    Great for putting inside your cabinet door!


The holding time at the required temperature is at least 15 seconds.  NOTE: These are internal temperatures.  Check with a probe thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the food.



Poultry, stuffing, stuffed meats, stuffed pasta, casseroles, field-dressed game

165 F






Ground or flaked meats including hamburger, ground pork, flaked fish, ground game, sausage, injected meat

160 F







Pork, ham, bacon

145 F







Beef steaks, veal, lamb, commercially raised game animals, rare beef or pork roast (hold for at least 3 minutes at the required temperature)

145 F to 160 F









145 F







Shell eggs for immediate service

145 F








165 F








Reheating leftovers

165 F






Raw animal foods cooked in a microwave - Cook to 165 F.  Rotate or stir midway during cooking to distribute heat evenly; cover to retain moisture.  Let stand for 2 minutes after cooking.



Information from the USDA;